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What is SMS Portal and what we do??????

We have a wide range of text messaging solutions for specific applications based on clients business requirement. Over a period of time, we have developed and delivered a range of services that enhances SMS communication in specific industries - from patient appointment reminders in the healthcare industry, to SMS broadcasts for stock brokers. SmsPortal offers your business complete end-to-end bulk SMS solutions for developing and deploying real-time SMS notification and data access applications that dramatically reduce time-to-decision and improves service value to customers. Communicate and send messages to your customers, employees and prospective clients and use this bulk SMS services to grow your business.

What SMS Portal can offer you??????

  • Expert advice on the viability and compatibility of your idea on integration of SMS facility
  • Ongoing support to match with changing trends in technology
  • Technical expertise unlike most SMS providers, our products are exclusively developed in-house by our expert team, so we can customize them to suit specific business requirement
  • SMS can be sent at a fraction of the cost of most other communication channels, and when productivity gains are added, SMS can save you a fortune.
SMS Portal


  • SMS is a simple, economical, and fastest way to communicate with mobile contacts.
  • A timely, personalized SMS message can help you build relationships with people that matter to your business customers and staff.
  • Texting can help you reduce time-consuming processes such as outbound calling etc.
  • Customer no-shows adversely affect business revenue. Studies suggest that, SMS appointment reminders can reduce no-shows by up to 80%.
SMS Portal

Bulk SMS Features

  • Messages can be sent by Brand/Company (Alphanumeric sender) Name.
  • Build your Brand as the Message is sent using a Sender ID / Brand ID specified by you.
  • Sender id up to 8 Characters.
  • We support 140 characters length of messages.
  • Supports Delivery reports
SMS Portal

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